Wednesday 13 January 2010

Cloud 109 - The Thirteenth Instalment

Time for another look at Gina, Cary and Rabby as they stumble around the dungeon that David has so callously cast them into. Actually it's Cary's big idea as he's convinced that he can steer them through the puzzles and pick up squintillions of credits along the way.

This particular page I must admit did not come easily, in fact it took two attempts, with my ditching the first version after entirely finishing it up and then thinking it was kinda ok, which after a while I decided it most definitely wasn't.

I think this applies to a lot of creatives - you think you're on a roll and then for some reason the page you're working on just doesn't look so good and no matter how you try and adjust it, you can see it's just gently expiring on you. At which point the best thing you can do is just junk the thing and go back and start all over again. Although in this case and because all these pages are generated in Illustrator, I was able to incorporate elements of the first failed version into the second version.

Tomorrow we'll be running the last part of the Denis McLoughlin mini-bio along with some more of those stunning covers.


  1. Dungeon action, I love it! And it's our fortnightly role-playing session tonight (snow permitting) so that's put me in the mood nicely :)

    Of course, now that you've said about the failed version I am quite interested to see that too - though I can quite understand that you probably don't want to show it. I've been in the same spot many, many times and I always fret about what if my instincts didn't kick in soon enough and we went with the wrong version? Actually, on a couple of occasions I've woken in a cold sweat and had to phone Leo and say stop drawing, I'm sending some new layouts over. (Thank goodness for digital drawing so he can salvage something.)

  2. Dave, I've taken a deep breath, courage in both hands and posted the crappy version of Page 13.

    I'm intrigued by this fortnightly role playing session - sounds kinda kinky to me or is it just chaps only - attired as wizards and warriors?

  3. Very brave of you, Peter, and (while the first version is by no means a disaster) I agree the second version is better. Mind you, it's easy for me to say that now you've pointed it out. I don't think my instincts would have steered me nearly so well.

    No costumes at our RPG - it's dice and talk around a table. "Improv storytelling" we call it when we don't want to sound like total nerds. It's not just blokes though!