Monday 26 May 2014

More of the Nerdmeister and his Pink Guru

Here are a few more images of Boffin Boy and his pink and spiky sidekick Wu Pee. One of the benefits of working with small publishers such as Ransom Publishing who produce the fabulous Boffin Boy series, is that work is not subject to death by committee. Which means that you get to have fun with ideas and not have to worry about endless re-draws:

Sunday 18 May 2014

The 14 Year Old Dweeb and a Runty Oriental Sage

I first encountered the wonderfully weird world of Boffin Boy some eight years ago when I received a manuscript from Ransom Publishing about a delightfully nerdy and bespectacled geek called Boffin Boy and his runty oriental sage and mystic pal, Wu-Pee, who was going to save the world from a host of hideous menaces including, Monsters From Outer Space, Killer Bees, Ninja Assassins, Man Eating Sharks, Giant Robots, Death Worms, Poison Gardens, Floating Brains and a star studded cast of recurring villains such as 'Red Wolf', 'The Wizard of Edo', 'Doctor Daffney', 'Mogon the Mighty' and 'The Red Wolf'.

Written by the supremely talented David Orme, the script were a delight to work on—an inspirational blend of the absurd and surreal underpinned by David's strong characterization and his wry sense of humor.

When I commenced work on the first series of six books, I was still cutting my teeth in the relatively unfamiliar world of vector drawing. I had tired of working in Photoshop and craved something a bit less intuitive and a bit more graphic—Adobe's (perfectly monickered) Illustrator seemed the ideal way to go.

The job was created at breakneck speed (anything up to five images a day) and by the end of the work I knew a hell of a lot more about Illustrator than I did when I commenced.

Now into it's third series of books, Boffin Boy has once again been selected for the 'Book Buzz List' and has also been nominated for a Kate Greenaway Award and is on 'The Times Top 160 Books for Boys'.

It's good to know the stupidity is spreading.