Wednesday 25 November 2009

Cloud 109 - The Eighth Instalment

Well it's that time of the week again when we get to catch up with Gina, Cary and Rabby who at the moment are trying to work out what's going wrong with the cyber world where they spend so much of their free time. So far they've been wigged out by steel toothed mini zombies and the Cloud 109 cyber lounge itself has been attacked by monsters from Dimension X.

What's going on?

Here's the previous page plus today's offering and all previous episodes can be viewed on this blog.

You will also note the gaming gloves which you can see a little more detail of, these are an integral part of virtual gaming as you will discover during the course of the trio's adventures.

As a note to the curious, there's a lot of references to real people, in fact to varying degrees everyone in this strip is real. It's part of the playing with perceptions of reality which David's script is predicated on. The Black Veil poster is an earlier incarnation of my eldest son's, currently living in New York, band. The photo was taken in one of their previous abodes which was a converted warehouse full of wannabe artists, poets and musicians all living the life but needs must as they needed to get their overheads down having just done a runner from a bunch of very scary Sicilians from whom they had rented their previous apartment.

It seems like scant weeks ago since we were worrying about the little lad's GCSE's.


  1. I always get a kick out of seeing the real characters in contrast to their avatars. That's one of the things that makes Cloud 109 so special imo, the way it depicts the difference between our objective and subjective existence.

    And it is after all one of the themes David talked about a while back. So that's good :)

  2. Yes David's still toying with where this is all going, and while we've got book 1 nailed down., there's still a lot of discussion about book 2 and the eventual denouement in Book 3, which had even me shocked when I first heard about it.

    Meanwhile the real kids are living their very own real lives which is having a profound effect on some of the artworks - page 19 which is one of the one's I'm currently working on being a good example.

    It's looking good tho ...

  3. I know you've probably covered this already, but how many pages per book? I'm dying to know what the shock denouement is - but I can take it, so please, no spoilers!

  4. It's sixty pages per book Dave and I'm approaching the half way mark (well OK then 24 pages including the three currently in production).

    So I'm approaching half way point and I seem to recall embarking on this lunacy in March and (crossing fingers) I'd say by this time next year we'll be beavoring away on book 2.

    In a way the fact that (like many comic creators) I'm having to work this around a 'day job' of sorts, is proving very helpful as it enables me to continually refine and hone my image making ideas in relation to David's text.