Saturday 28 November 2009


A couple of years ago I had the fun of working on a graphic novel adaption of three "true life" murder cases, in which forensic science was a key factor in the successful prosecution of all three defendants. There was a lot of work, thirty two pages in all and a reasonably tight delivery date. But what helped the process flow was that Gary Jeffrey, the guy who was art editing the whole enterprise was a consummate layout artist with an abiding passion for film.

Upon acceptance of the commission, I was supplied with dozens of really helpful bits of reference covering costume details, architecture, character suggestions and on top of that Gary had as already intimated created detailed page layouts for every page of artwork.

Consequently the job was a real delight to work on and it was one of those jobs that in a weird kind of way gave me the confidence to undertake the artwork on Cloud 109 utilizing the same techniques I had employed on the forensics job, even if I had to go it alone without the aid of Gary's superb layouts


  1. Thanks Mimi - I'm really enjoying the lovely artwork you are posting on your own blog.

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