Friday 11 February 2011

Sky-High Bannion - Another Kennedy Classic!

Once again I am indebted to Malcolm Norton, one of our faithful readers and Ian Kennedy devotee extraordinaire for supplying scans to one of Ian's air orientated comic strips from the pages of The Lion.

The Lion was one of Amalgamated Press's (later Fleetway) most successful comics of the 1950's and 60's. The weekly strip Sky-High Bannion appeared at a time when Kennedy was working all hours God sends to meet deadlines for both DC Thomson and Fleetway, including 64 page strips for Air Ace Picture Library.

The love and enthusiasm that Kennedy invested into strips such as this went beyond his constant creative mantra of always delivering the best job possible, with strips such as Sky-High Bannion his enthusiasm for the subject matter was a way of partially realizing his thwarted ambition to join the R.A.F.

The R.A.F.'s loss was definitely the gain of comic enthusiasts the world over.

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  1. Thank you,Mr Richardson!
    I love love love these!
    Ian Kennedy for President!
    Scotland forever!
    Did I say that I LOVE IAN KENNEDY's ART!