Wednesday 31 March 2010

Cloud 109 - Episode 23

We're rapidly approaching a self imposed hiatus with "Cloud 109", it's not that we're abandoning work on the opus - far from it, as I type the other Reverso me (living somewhere on Earth 2 in a parallel universe is frantically skimming through Chris Georgenes "How To Cheat in Adobe Flash") as we get our dedicated "Cloud 109" website up and running and suitable for public consumption.

So much to do ... so little time ...

But, I am very aware of this very delicate balancing act that creatives such as Dave Morris and the amazing "Mirabilis" team, Garen Ewing with his wonderful "Rainbow Orchid" (Book 2 out soon and the cover is an absolute knockout too!)and the awesome Tim Perkins over at Wizard's Keep with the epic "World's End" (Tim's just done an interview with BBC Radio Lancashire - well worth a listen - check the link on his site) have been doing and that is flagging up their creations, teasing and tantalising but not giving the whole game away into the bargain, otherwise even allowing for a few people still wanting to add your book to their shelves, there's not going to be a lot of suspense or anticipation left in the process. And believe me suspense and anticipation are a vital part of the selling process. I used to get almost as much enjoyment out of seeing all the covers for the first few editions of Warren's "Creepy" and "Eerie" in those black and white teaser ads in Famous Monsters of Filmland as I did from reading the actual magazines, by the time I finally tracked them down I was ready to part with my life savings, which at the age of fourteen was pretty much what I did.

And this is the stage that we're heading towards with "Cloud 109", we'll soon have posted 25 consecutive pages from the book and as the entire first volume is a mere 60 pages long ( I used to think 60 was kinda epic until I discovered that Dave Morris, Leo Hartas and Nikos Koutsis planned on Making Mirabilis 800 pages long - cheez!!!) I think we are heading towards showing a little too much of our hand.

So what we want to do is move the sample pages to our own Cloud 109 website (c'mon Peter! Type faster so you can get the friggin' website completed!!!), but continue with the blog as it's now become a bit of an institution and a great way of sharing ideas and influences, plus - and this is very important - a blog lives, breathes and gently pulsates in a way that a website doesn't. We can and will continue to update and tantalise with random snippets from the rest of "Cloud 109 - Book 1", not to mention Books 2 and 3, plus other creative projects that we're involved with and the blog is the best game in town as regards all the necessary communication opportunities we require to achieve this.

So here in the meantime is page 23 of Cloud 109 and here also is a glimpse of the teaser book we have produced using A very few copies of this will be filtering out over the next few weeks as we continue with our efforts to raise the profile of what I regard as the most exciting project I have had the privilege of being involved with over the last thirty mumble, mumble ... years.

Previous episodes can be read here and here:


  1. "I know you don't get out of the house much..." ROFL - my favourite line so far.

    It's been great getting these freebie installments, but you are right, Peter - 25 pages is enough to know, as I'm sure many hundreds of readers do by now, that I'll be very happy to buy the books as soon as they are ready. In fact, I wonder if it's worth considering the Marillion model, where eager followers subscribe to the books now, knowing that their contribution is helping you and David to complete the work?

    Btw I had exactly the same experience as you wrt Creepy and Eerie - surely the most effective teaser ads in the entire history of literature!

  2. Hey - I have the same phone as you! :-) Very much looking forward to the website.

  3. Btw - how come your desk is so much tidier than mine or Leo's?

  4. Web comics are all very well but I must say that nothing beats good old fashioned print. Looking at those Cloud 109 print-outs is quite mouth-watering - not least because of the impression of sheer scale they give, evoking memories of classic American Sunday pages like Little Nemo and Prince Valiant, or else oversized comics such as Raw and certain issues of the Acme Novelty Library (not to mention our own Topper and Beezer). Maybe I'm just a tabloid junkie at heart but I'm afraid that size really does matter for me when it comes to the world of comics so that from now on, even if economics dictate that we'll never actually see such a version for sale in WH Smiths or Borders, I'll always think of that larger-than-life manifestation as Cloud 109's ideal format.

    ...Or to put it another way: WOW!!! :)

  5. Ohhhhh... guys - you're really too, too kind.

    But thanks so much for all the kind words and Dave the desk only "looks tidy", in the foreground was a steaming bowl of porridge and to the right are the piles of McLoughlin paperbacks I'm scanning for a friend, unpaid bills, cds; Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith and Count Arthur Strong and DVDs including seasons I and 2 of Madmen and that wonderful French TV series The Spiral and the very wonderful French film "Mesrine".

    So it's all an illusion really.

  6. Big fan of Spiral too, really like the look of the Cloud 109 mock up through Lulu I'd happily buy one to support the continued production of later pages. Look forward to the dedicated site.

  7. Many thanks James and isn't Spiral simply the best?

    The characterization is just so compelling, the stories are gripping from the get-go and the sets look really convincingly sleazy in a way that only the French can achieve if that's not too much of a back handed compliment.

  8. Those printed copies are a wonderful tease! - Can't wait to get my paws on the finished thing...

    You're absoloutely right about teasing, and holding back reveals, of course. But your additional blogs on other artists and their endeavours make for fascinating reading whilst we wait for new material. You really have built yourself an essential blog!

  9. Many thanks Toon Hound, who is a bit of a tease himself when it comes to tantalising creations.

    Check out his utterly wonderful Blips and Pieces Blog (it's on my list) and experience his ongoing graphic opus "Blip". Which is the closest thing I've seen to a psychedelic journey inside the brain of Homer Simpson.