Friday 23 October 2009

Who Is Madge Crumb?

This is a question uppermost in my mind as I continue work on an epic page from Cloud 109, where we get our first glance of the mysterious woman that runs the whole Cloud 109 enterprise. David's initial idea was a Margaret Thatcher character, but really I'm not sure if the deranged Thatch would be quite the look for a world where cool and style are so important. I've agonized over the look of Madge for weeks but I think I'm getting there, she definitely has to be glamorous as like all the other characters wandering through the endless cyber lounge of Cloud 109, she is her own self created avatar, the real Madge Crumb may well look like the Mad Thatch, but here she has to be ultra chic and beautiful with more than a hint of dominatrix to make her convincing.

David's script originally placed Madge actually in the cyber lounge with the rest of the visitors to Cloud 109, but on thinking about this I really felt that she should have maximum dominance on the proceedings and so opted for the video screen, there's loads of them throughout Cloud 109. I think this just gives her more impact while adding to the sense of mystique.

I'll be posting the completed version up here shortly but here in the meantime is the initial visual.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Garen Ewing and Tim Perkins for putting up links to our Cloud 109 Blog. In Garen's case (check out the link to Garen's fabulous and utterly compelling Rainbow Orchid strip on our links section) inviting us to join the DFC creators blog "The Super Comics Adventure Squad":

We were one of those nearly but not quite fast enough through the door strips for the late lamented DFC and to be invited aboard this Blog is a real honour for us. As is seeing ourselves reviewed on Tim Perkins "Wizard's Keep" Blog.

Tim's beautiful and epic "World's End" (again check out our links bar under Wizard's Keep) is something you must check out, and like Garen, he's another comics creator with a vision that he is determined to realize and the work that he is creating is a testimony to the kind of dedication that talented creatives bring to such projects. We wish both Tim and Garen every success with their respective creations .


  1. Totally agree with you about the look. Who would choose Mad Thatch as their avatar :) Though maybe you've thought of her avatar having one little imperfection, even the kind of flaw that results from being too-perfect? Like the Surrogates in the new Bruce Willis movie - not a great movie by any means, but it's interesting that the idealized forms people have taken are all a little bit creepy.

    Or it's like when you see a photo of Madonna and you think, maybe just a few too many hours a day on biceps work there. It's a look she's planned, and it's impressive - but it also warns you that there's a bit of an obsessive ego in there...

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the very kind words.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Peter, I am really enjoying your blog! I look forward to following the progress of Madge Crumb. Helz x

  4. It's really great to get all your encouraging comments. I'm still working on Madge having discarded the MK 1 version - but getting there incrementally at least.