Wednesday 28 October 2009

Halloween - More Help for Last Minute Party Goers

Greetings Boils and Ghouls! Due to high demand and requests from some of the other movers and shakers in the Cloud 109 cyber lounge, we have had our art department work through the night to come up with yet more of those handy dandy Halloween face masks, so that if all else fails in your costume department - you will have one of these little fellas to hide your putrefying blushes.

We have had a few complaints and queries from some of you ghoulunatics about assembling these fiendish facemasks, particularly with regard to ensuring that the eye holes occur in the right places on your mask. Don't on any account hold the friggin' thing in front of your eyes and jab away randomly with a knitting needle trying to make a hole as this is very hazardous. Instead hold a piece of paper in front of your face and get a fiend to mark where your eyeholes need to be - then use the paper as a guide - simple!

And then as before the rest of the procedure is as follows:

Open up the chosen mask image in your computer (it should open up as A4 which is probably the size your printer works to). Print your mask on card stock or heavy paper, cut out the mask shape and adjust for the eye holes. Punch a small hole at each side and then attach ribbon ties or elastic string and then fasten behind your head so you can see.

As an alternative you can simply dispense altogether with the strings and just attach one side of the mask to a short dowel or pencil, thereby facilitating the quaffing of liberal quantities of booze without reducing your mask to a porridge like consistency around the chin.

Today's quadruplets feature, Jack, Amy Eggs Benedict (late arrival but she made it - well done Eggs!) and Mr Greg Sick.

Greg is one of the planet's most dedicated music promotors and spends every waking minute seeking out some of the most scintillating and out there bands to host at Brighton's Stay Sick nights, of which this should be a good one to check out this Saturday at The Hobgoblin in Brighton.

We'll run page 4 of the ongoing Cloud 109 story in tomorrow's blog - see you there.

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