Thursday 22 October 2009

The Dungeon of Death in Technicolor!!!

Well, I think I'm just about OK with this cover idea and so up it goes. We will be doing this from time to time as the story progresses, I'm very into the idea of exploiting the dynamics of Blogsville and it does allow us to try out ideas that won't necessarily be appearing in the final books, so really it's part of the inducement to you good people to keep on checking out what's going on here as we bounce various ideas of you.

So as I've said earlier we will be devising special covers for some of the key sequences of Cloud 109, what the cover for the final book will be has yet to be decided and it's not going to be easy either as we have various embodiments of Gina, Cary and Rabby including of course the real characters themselves to consider.

Ideas and opinions eagerly sought!

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