Wednesday 14 October 2009

View From The Studio

Well it's Wednesday morning and having just spent the previous evening with my wife Gina hooking up with our son Tom and his lovely girlfriend Sheryl over in Brighton, which has got to be one of the best places to chill ever, I'm slightly fuzzed and trying to catch up with myself, hence the relative lateness of this posting.

However there's work to be done, alterations to some illustrations as the client has now changed their mind about what they want but at least they're going to pay as (and this is important for anyone embarking on a career in illustration) when a client changes a brief it's only fair and professional to all parties concerned that you as illustrator should be re-imbursed for the work involved.

And then after that there's page 9 of Cloud 109 to be worked up from pencils and then we'll have fifteen consecutive pages plus a few more pages from later in the story completed. Essentially a third of the way through the first book.

In the meantime here's a view of my work space as I set to for the day. You can see a page I've just scanned up on the screen of my beautiful IMac (love it!!!) and there's a page from this seriously wacky sequence where Cary, Gina and Rabby have to engage in a very perilous Dungeon Quest to win credits for themselves, you can just see these two very "other" jailer types on the screen and on my desk in the foreground you can see some copies of our Cloud 109 proposal.

OK that's it for today, gotta get back to work but thanks for checking in.

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  1. Great blog Peter, good luck with the progress of this and your work! Helz x