Friday 15 April 2011

Some Choice Steranko - Tracing Reference Points

Well now I am confuzzlified, after yesterday's posting which was the "shock of the new" via some gentle nudgings from my old friend Simon, today he has sent me some really choice stuff but it's erm...

Yup as I look at it it's definitely old Jaunty Jim Steranko, he of the immaculate Silver Quiff, which is one up on even Mr DoorTree's Fedora. I mean at a pinch you can always go and buy a Fedora but a Silver Quiff requires more follicular muscle than I can currently run to.

But ... and here is the important Beee Yewwww Teeeee as in BUT ... these gorgeous images are from the 1970's, admittedly late 1970's but Godammit Simon!!!

These are falling into comfort zone territory Simon as in your comfort zone. Planet Earth calling Simon ... are you receiving me???

Ahhh ... yes OK I see mmmmm ... these are tracing back Dave Johnson's reference points. Yup I gotcha. You do realize while all this is going on Malcolm Norton is digging and delving for Gilray and Phiz cartoons?

OK I'm off to cultivate some follicles so I can out quiff Jaunty Jim.

Meanwhile enjoy these exquisite artworks by  the one and only James Steranko.


  1. Beautiful! One of those rare occasions where a comic strip movie adaptation featured better special effects that the original (and less wooden acting as far as Sean Connery was concerned!). Steranko seemed to be utterly incapable of producing bad work. Funnily enough I don't remember this ever being collected in book form, though I do have the issues of Heavy Metal it was serialized in.

  2. And seemingly this *predates* the movie Outland (released 1981) which makes me wonder if it was the first recorded case of using a comic to launch a movie - very common these days, in fact the entire business plan of some companies I believe, but almost unknown back then.

  3. Thank you. Very good and helpful. keep these kinds of articles coming non stop.:) thank you.

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  4. Wasn't it originally printed in black and white?

    (or am I confusing it with another Steranko project?)

    And according to Wikipedia..."A comic strip adaptation of Outland illustrated by Jim Steranko appeared in Heavy Metal magazine in the June 1981, October 1981, and January 1982 issues", so predating the movie might not be the case (although I could be wrong).

    B Smith

  5. Wiki is right about the publication dates. It was never printed in book form in English, but was printed in book form in French and Spanish.