Sunday 5 September 2010

Ian Kennedy's Commando Covers

Ian Kennedy has to be one of this country's premier comic strip artists. His work has enriched our lives for well over half a century and has included both comic strip and cover assignments for a wide variety of comics including DC Thomson's Commando comics.

I'd like to talk about Ian in more detail at a later date, but here as an appetizer is a mouthwatering selection of some of his greatest (well they're all great really) Commando covers.

If you're wondering how he achieves his beautifully rendered paintings, he works with thinned down acrylic paints, over a carefully penciled out base drawing. His aeronautical paintings are particularly amazing, reflecting his life long love affair with flying and aircraft.

More to follow but in the interim just feast your eyes on these beauties!

All images © D.C. Thomson

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  1. Ian is a massively under exposed artist.

    You can forget all the HOT claims and send this guy up there amongst the top creators in comics.

    John Ridgway and I switched mediums for painting comics after a conversation with him.

    A master at his craft and personally for me the best guy ever to draw wheels.

    Love his stuff!!!

  2. I think it's also down to Ian's tremendously self effacing modesty, he's just such a really charming guy and as well as being an amazing painter a truly brilliant storyteller as well.

    Have you ever come across some of his early Air Ace stories Tim? I expect you have but one in particular is on my list of best ever comics.

    "Day of Reckoning" Air Ace No. 53, insane amount of detail but never overdone, it's just that Ian's art engages you so much with the story that you feel like you are one of the crew of the bomber. The story and Ian's art are in perfect harmony throughout - just incredible!

  3. I'm of an age where his name will always mean (the relatively little-seen these days)Marvel UK's BLAKE'S SEVEN strip.

  4. I have tried sooooo hard to find Mr Kennedy's work on the net with very few results. I grew up with his work on the Dan Dare strip for the 80's version of the Eagle. Always loved his use of colour and have followed his work ever since, keeping all my old Eagles and acquiring many Commando and Football Picture Monthly books for his covers. Great to see his work again! More Please!

  5. Hi Peter,

    Sorry I haven't answered before now, but I am so busy at the moment on the GN that I am not frequenting the virtual worlds as much as normal.

    Yes, I do know the issue in question - as you say fantastic stuff.

    He really is a superb comic artist and when I say he is a master of his craft, like you, I mean his storytelling too.

    So much of his work in the past has had such a lasting effect on folks, but in such an unassuming way that I am always amazed more folks don't speak of his work more.

    I always loved his Starlord series he did and my accountant (also one of my best friends from school) collected the early 2000ADs and Starlords, despite not being a fan of comics as such and I know for a fact Ian is one of his favourite artists from those comics.

    I, for one, would love to see a huge, coffee table, art book produced with lots of his work in it.

  6. I agree -- Ian's work is really underexposed (perhaps also due to his own modesty?)

    Does anyone know how one could contact him personally? His work also had a lasting influence on me as comic artist, and I just want to say "thank you" -- in whichever way I can.

    Please let me know where I can find out.