Tuesday 28 September 2010

Christmas is Coming (Kind Of)

The following is very much representative of the new wave of writers which Warren magazines hosted in the wake of the absorption of more challenging counter culture ideas and lowering of censorship taboos in the wake of films such as The Exorcist.

Disaffected youth reacting against the hypocrisy of the older generation, with a bit of Bible Belt lunacy thrown in - lovely artwork by Richard Corben but not the most satisfying of story resolutions as regards Gerry Boudreau's script though...


  1. I still find this one as disturbing as I did back then...but I like the ending more than you do. Some of Corben's best art in my opinion.

  2. I share your feelings Steve regarding Corben's artwork and the last page is a real knockout.

    But I really do hate the story, it's just horribly unredemptive and nasty. I do remember after reading it that I had the strong feeling that Warren had pretty much thrown away the rule book as regards censorship, which did add a real frisson of unpredictability when it came to reading these comics.

    Very different to the Archie Goodwin era.