Wednesday 14 April 2010

Cloud 109 - Episode 25

Here is the final episode that we're going to be posting from Gina, Cary and Rabby's adventures on Cloud 109. It's been a real treat to be able to share these with you and many thanks to all of you for being so supportive and encouraging, when all the usual self doubts attendant on any creative endeavours have assailed us, it's been your kind words that have spurred us on.

It wasn't our primary intention to make this blog as broad reaching in terms of comics as it has become, it's just that the serendipitous nature of a lot of what we do that has turned Cloud 109 into a meeting place for enthusiasts of illustration and comics in particular. We've now got links to blogs around the world (we're even talked about in Hebrew!) and one of our reviews was most recently used by the mighty Fantagraphics no less, for the promotion of the Tardi First World War classic, "It Was The War of the Trenches".

And talking of reviews, that is something that we'd like to do a little bit more of over the next few months, we love the stuff from times past but we don't want to lose sight of the present either, so we'll be looking at some of the new and exciting comics that we're passionate about and want to share it with you and even debate with you, so keep your comments coming - it's what keeps this blog alive and moving forward.

You guys are what makes this blog what it has become - seriously, so keep your comments coming so that we can mentally add you to the list of people we think of when choosing stuff to run on this blog; "Would Dave (Morris) I wonder have seen this one before?", "I wonder if Phil (Rushton) will enjoy some more Embleton?", " I wonder if Leeann has seen this artist before?", "Must run this one past James (Corcoran)".

You've all become friends and compatriots in our ongoing quest for sharing comics and keeping you updated with developments in the world of Cloud 109. And while we may be hanging you out to dry as regards what's happening next in Gina, Cary and Rabby's quest to uncover the source of the mystery virus that's assailing their virtual world, we're still going to tease you just a little bit with bits of artwork, a panel here a sketch there or maybe even a page or two from book 2 and 3 which David will shortly be putting into production.

But for the moment here's page 25:

Earlier episodes here:

and here:


  1. I think that nobody could complain about being hung out to dry as regards the Cloud 109 story, Peter. You've been very generous with freebies, and having been privileged to see these pages in print I can only say that I am eagerly awaiting the time when I can put down my cash and hold the finished book.

    Btw I love Gina's face in that last panel.

  2. Actually you'll notice (couldn't resist) that there's some washing hanging out to dry rather forlornly in the background.

    Many thanks Dave for all your kind words - really do appreciate them.

  3. ...Aw, so long for now guys! :( You'll be missed, but as Dave says I can see this is the only way to go if you're ever to take your rightful place in the comic strip firmament. Fortunately Amazon have just sent my copy of Haggarty and Brockbank's superb Mezolith so I'll have something to keep me occupied in the meantime. :)

    Incidentally Peter, do you and David O. envisage the Cloud 109 crew becoming stars of a whole series of adventures (maybe even beyond the world of Cloud 109 itself), or does their story have a definite endpoint?

    As for whether I'd enjoy more Embleton after the current Wulf pages run out... do you even need to ask??! You bet I would!!! Wrath of the Gods is a must of course, but I'd also love to see his remaining (TV) Express contributions - especially the covers (though the B&W interior pages are outstanding too thanks to his gorgeous wash technique). Of course you wouldn't necessarily have to restore these unless you really wanted to. Also I guess it's possible that the 'Biggles' sequence might run into copyright problems as the character is still being successfully reprinted all over the world (in fact I think Ron's own version was actually collected into book form on the Continent - though not as yet in James Bigglesworth's home country!).

  4. We're still definitely going to be showing you slivers and snippets of Cloud 109 and probably still at least once a week,just not entire pages. But we will be looking at some other contemporary comics too as I feel that there are some exciting new developments of which "Mezolith" is a stunning example.

    I'm very much in accord with your Embleton suggestions Phil, and I am definitely keen to do Battleground and Colonel Pinto and perhaps brother Gerry's S.A.S. run as well as possibly Biggles, depending on copyright considerations.

    Mind you I'm already slightly playing with fire with my Barks postings and I did have a slight shudder of horror when I realized that someone in Burbank California with a Disney server address had checked out the relevant postings.

    But as I say on the Blog this is all for educational purposes and if we are notified that we are indeed transgressing we will remove the relevant postings.