Monday 8 February 2010

Rowlf - Richard Corben's Mini Epic Part 3

The ongoing epic story of Rowlf heads towards the final denouement. I've had to do a little bit of minimal restoration as even in the original print some of the zipatone he was using tends to get mixed up with the off white paper colour. Here you can see all Corben's original line work and his use off zipatone to give the impression of back lighting - all adding to the overall cinematic feel of this very early masterpiece from Corben's inventory.

Someday, somebody should produce a definitive retrospective on Corben's work - long overdue if you ask me.


  1. This story really shows how comics can do the work of both cinema and prose potentially better than either medium alone. There are the elegant visual montages and expertly choreographed fight scenes, but then you've also got bits like where Rowlf imagines his fate once the wizard gets to correct the spell. That would be hard to pull off in any other medium with the same impact it has here. A true classic.

  2. I remember the first time I came across this comic and just couldn't believe how good it was, no adverts, modest price, home made feel about the whole thing and yet one of the best comics in the whole store. Every time I revisit it I continue to be totally carried along by Corben's masterful storytelling.

    I'm really so glad you enjoyed it Dave!