Saturday 6 February 2010

Rowlf - Richard Corben's Mini Epic Part 2

It's worth noting that when Richard Corben was creating masterpieces such as "CidOpey" and "Rowlf" he was already thirty, he had acquired all the skills in storytelling and draftsmanship that would make his work so instantly memorable, but he had been working in relative obscurity for nigh on ten years in an industrial animation company in his home town of Kansas City.

He needed a bigger stage to display his incredible talents and his determination to prove his worth to a wider audience was one of the driving forces behind comics such as "Rowlf" As you can see in this section of the story, his portrayal of Rowlf's encounter with the demon soldiers is truly masterful, the action is so vivid and executed with such conviction that you are immediately thrust into the epicentre of Rowlf's world.


  1. This works so brilliantly in black and white that it's hard to imagine the colour version adding anything. I'm amazed at how deftly Corben moves the story along and packs so much into every page without it seeming at all rushed. Well, that's a master at work!

  2. We've got another master to look forward to tomorrow Dave, as it's the next installment of Wulf the Briton and Embleton's artistry just gets better and better as the story picks up momentum - I'd forgotten just how good this strip was - superb!!!

    Monday and it's the finale of Rowlf, I'll see if I can locate a page of the colour Rowlf just as a curiosity item.