Saturday 18 June 2011

A Portal to the Past - Matania's Historical Illustrations

By the time that Fortunino Matania commenced working for Leonard Matthews Look and Learn magazine, the artist was heading into his eighties with a formidable array of illustrations which illustrated not just significant events of the 20th century but much of the epoch defining moments of earlier years as well.

So here are a few more Matania artworks all shot from the original paintings, courtesy of the Book Palace Art Gallery.

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  1. Another artist who really deserves a fully-illustrated book devoted to his work! It's interesting that Frank Hampson also tackled that scene of Queen Elizabeth I and the knight as one of his very last commissions for Odhams/Fleetway - discovering in the process that while he could find plenty of reference material for front and side views of medieval armour there was almost none for drawing it from behind!