Monday 18 October 2010

Day Of Reckoning - Part 4

The final portion of Ian Kennedy's "Day of Reckoning". This story would have been scripted a mere eighteen years after the conflict it so vividly revisits and the final paragraph is one of the indicators that the unknown writer did have some first hand knowledge or at the very least a very genuine affinity with his subject matter.

All in all brilliant stuff and in a way I'm glad that it hasn't been reprinted as it gives me the pleasure of introducing you all to this classic tale.

Definitely one of the very best Fleetway war comics ever produced and my favorite of all the Air Ace series - there's some other absolute stonkers though and I'll run a couple more that slipped through the Prion net.

Artwork  © IPC Media 2010

For more Kennedy artistry check out "Aces High" edited by Steve Holland.

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