Monday 5 December 2011

Comic Page Scans Straight From The Devil's Cauldron

Straight from the arid plains of Sub Saharan Africa - or more specifically the bit where the rugged Malcolm Norton sits, with his bush hat pushed back, pipe in clenched jaw, fingers inscribing a mad tarantella over his keyboard as various film scripts, essays and the occasional letter to his boyhood idol Ian Kennedy are swiftly concocted, comes these beautiful scans.

Looking at the tawny hues of these pages you can almost feel the merciless lash from the heat of the inhospitable clime that is slowly rendering these treasured artifacts into close cousins of the dead sea scrolls.

However your task for today, as you gaze in wonderment at these pages is to identify the artists whose work enlivens these adventures from an otherwise lost era.

Three artists in total and all three stalwarts of boy's comics from the golden age of UK weekly comics.


  1. #1 and #2 I'd have guessed Joe Colquhoun and John Cooper...but they're both stabs in the dark, really.

  2. You're right on the money with number 1, Joe Colquhoun it is.

    Number 2 might be a little tricky but number 3 was a real Fleetway stalwart.

  3. 1. Joe Colquhoun
    2. Selby Donnison (not sure of the spelling)
    3. Reg Bunn

  4. Bloody brilliant Crow!

    I think my favorite in terms of sheer vitality of line is Selby Donnison, but Joe's Charley's War still ranks as one of my all time favorite strips and a lot of that is down to the way that Joe's artwork enriched Pat Mills superb script and Reg Bunn was bloody brilliant too. Between the three of them they produced a library's worth of comics.

  5. It's relatively easy to spot Reg Bunn's work as due to the 'angular' symmetry of the artwork. It was his style, as well as the cross-hatch shading which was more predominant later on due to the pressure of the work he was asked to produce.