Sunday 19 December 2010

Dark Days and Nights

I am what is sometimes referred to as a silver surfer, i.e. old fart with internet access and one of those irritating baby boomers who grew up in those halcyon days when the establishment just loathed rock music. "To think we fought a war for you lot and this is what you listen to...etc, etc"

Yes in those days we were free to enjoy cool stuff - on our own. Now all my generation have grown up and their still listening to the friggin' stuff. I thought we might get sensible and start listening to proper music but clubs and pubs are still packed out with sad old farts with tattoos and Cramps T-Shirts, going ga-ga with the music that they're parents wouldn't let them listen to.

And if that's not bad enough you've got the broadsheets and the flippin' BBC telling you what is cool, oh yes and what's going to be really big next year.

It's all too safe and processed and it's killing what rock music should be.

... a bit of edge

... a bit of danger

Anyway while all my contemporaries are wittering on about Eric Clapton's latest release, or what old Planty has been up to, here's something with a bit more night than Patch William or the Mumfords:

Dark Days and Nights is just one of 10 killer tracks from the Insect Guide's new album of the same name - available from the guys at Squirrel Records.

It's also climatically topical as is my current chilling and utterly unputdownable read:

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