Thursday 12 November 2009

Tattoo You

It was the other day when our younger son Tom, sent me a message via Facebook to alert me to yet another new development in his young life. Well it went through the usual diaryesque account of a - teen's weekend, bit of work, then socialising, then hangover oh and by the way - do you like the new tattoo - Mum's gonna kill me.

As mentioned previously he pretty well fled the family nest once he'd completed his GCSE's and although pursuing a fine art course and hooked into the idea of becoming a conceptual artist his philosophy (I think) is that you really have to live the life if you are going to make a true artistic statement, which he most assuredly is doing with admirable zeal.

But this latest project is I will admit something which does take a bit of getting the old parental head around, I mean I can see that's in terms of tattoos it's really quite a nice example but oh dear, dear, how best to run it past my long suffering wife and the reactions from the rest of our relatively conservative family once the Facebook grapevine kicks in. All their kids go off to university and pursue things callled careers, while our kids go to hell in a handcart.

Anyway, he's having fun I say to myself and the little guy is playing Wembley Arena this weekend with his band Dark Horses as support to Kasabian so I'll send him a high five or whatever it is and try and come to terms with it all by bunging him into the World of Cloud 109, where even though all is ultra weird and wonderful I will get to exercise a little control over him if only in an aesthetic sense.


  1. The Kind Gentleman says, "Children are the knife we hand to Fate to hold over our hearts." But KG's the devil so don't listen to him :)

    Wembley Arena - that's quite something!!

  2. Yes Dark Horses are really a bit special saw them a couple of weeks ago and they're a bit like an Ingmar Bergman version of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, they've got a MySpace which has some nice samples on it.

    Love the Kind Gentleman quote - oh so true!