Wednesday 18 November 2009

Cloud 109 - The Seventh Instalment

Well it's that time of the week again where we get to find out what Gina, Cary and Rabby are up to. As you will recall the last time we saw them, the Cloud 109 cyber-lounge was under attack by some really out there monsters. Check previous week's postings to get the full prequel to today's post.

Interesting aside (assuming you're into the creative process of how this epic is being put together), page 7 of this story was one of the first pages I worked up as the idea was to see how well the varying styles which encompass the varying degrees of reality in the story were working. Overall I was pleased with this page but as time progressed I began to feel that the background did lack conviction and I decided in the end to use as much reference from the real Gina (Sheryl) as possible as the world appearing in this picture needs to have as much conviction as possible and particularly in the case of the posters on the wall they do inform the Goth chic of our leading lady.

I'll run the previous version past you as well so you can see the difference, so top artwork after last wek's page which I'm reprising as my usual aide memoire, is the new updated version and the bottom page is the original one. Note also the addition of the gaming gloves which I'll talk about a bit more when episode eight gets posted.


  1. Really like that page , it's such a great angle gives a great sense of danger

  2. That's really good of you to say that James - thanks!

    I did wonder as I was doing it - is this fershlugginer thing going to work? The rain drops I found really helped the illusion as they just followed the perspective of the picture and acted as a lead in.

  3. Oh wow, I'm loving your work on this. The style looks fantastic! I have to say too that I was a huge fan of the ole Streets of Rage comic. Some of the scenes in that freaked me out for years, thanks! From someone who used to go over her issues of STC with a red felt tip pen so there was more blood... :D

  4. I must say I have happy memories of working on "Streets of Rage" comic Abby, although I do wince at some of the drawing I turned out. I was also doing a lot of other illustration work at the time and balancing the schedules did involve a lot of late nights. My aim was to turn out five pages in a week, which I did manage on a few occasions. The quickest work around I found was to draw the whole thing out in ink onto Fabbriano watercolour paper, which was absorbent but not too absorbent. This meant that I could then work over it with magic markers without the markers bleeding a couple of miles beyond the key lines. And then in a near psychedlic stupor from all those lovely marker vapours I would then pick out highlights in gouache.