Friday 2 November 2012

Heros' Galley Sails Closer...

I've got to the stage where it's no longer worth apologizing for the erratic nature of recent blog postings. Work, work, work... it is a constant imperative, but the good news is much of it is aimed at the very constituency that this blog addresses itself to.

We are busily working on illustrators 3 and 4 and when that isn't taking up my time, there is Book Palace Books forthcoming ultimate Frank Bellamy Heros the Spartan collection, which is starting to take shape.

As we have previously revealed, we took the decision to reproduce the Heros pages the same size as they first appeared in the Eagle comic some fifty years ago. This means that each spread will run over two pages, the binding on this book is such that each spread will open out without information getting lost in the gutter. So to maintain this feel and emphasize the panoramic feel of the book I have designed the whole book to reinforce this cinematic feel.

Here's some spreads to show you what I  mean and also give you a feel for how the book will look. Please note that there are some captions missing and some spreads might well change–but only in a minor way:


  1. Sweet! I went ahead and pre-ordered a copy!

  2. Great to hear from you Alex. I reckon I am looking forward to this one as much as everyone else. It's a real honor to be involved in it's production.

  3. *Gulp* I'm very much looking forward to this one despite having had a 'Branestawm' when I misread 'Wrath of the Gods' instead of 'Heros the Spartan' in every single instance (!!)

    By the way, there's a very small typo in Heros6.jpg. Near the end, as part of Bellamy's quote about the Radio Times there's a 'fro' rather than a 'for'.


  4. I am very, very excited! This is what i have been waiting for for years.

    Hope you consider FB's Garth or Thunderbirds in the same format one day.

    best wishes
    martin baines

  5. Thanks George for the typo alert, at this stage it will be one of many. When we are finally settled on the elements, we do print outs and then we send them out to at least two other proof readers as well as checking it ourselves.

    Martin, many thanks and yes we would love to do more, although Thunderbirds has already been reprinted in rather nice editions by Reynolds and Hearn.

    My own vote for a follow up to Heros would have to go to Fraser of Africa as that was dear to Bellamy's heart and it certainly shows in each and every panel.

  6. A Frank Bellamy's Selection:


    "The Happy Warrior" (1957-1958)
    "The Shepherd King" (1958-1959)
    "Fraser of Africa" (1960-1961)
    "Montgomery of Alamein" (1962)
    "Heros the Spartan" (1962-1965)

    Either will be an excellent choice.


  7. Well Andoni we're getting there.

    I think ALL the titles on your list are really exciting.

    But let's start with Heros and see how things go after that.

  8. I'm buying old issues of the magazine "Eagle" to a comic book store in London via Internet and it's wonderful to enjoy the work of geniuses like Frank Hampson and Frank Bellamy.

    A Spanish lover of British comics.

  9. Which is a real compliment Andoni, as there were so may stunning Spanish artists working in comic strips–a lot of them appearing in UK comics as well.

  10. My wife has just ordered it. Cannot wait!!!!! Any idea when it when Heros will be published?

    Best Wishes
    Martin Baines

  11. Hi Martin,

    The book is pretty nearly completed, bar a little bit of restoration on some of the original art scans of Heros.

    The book will be published in Spring/ early Summer and that's a definite!