Friday 1 April 2011

Wulf Is Here!!!

At last - they've arrived. By they I mean the long awaited Book Palace Books, The Fleetway Picture Library Index Volume 2, The Don Lawrence Westerns and last but by no means least, the mega-beast that is Wulf the Briton. As I was sadly unable to make the grand unloading, Geoff West in between co-ordinating the crack Commando squad assembled for this occasion, was able to capture the moment of the palettes arrival, before breaking out the contents, numbering an impressive 200 + of the Wulf books and shipping the first consignment out the doors of the Book Palace before close of play. More numbering and shipping on Monday so more copies will be winging their way to all those who are awaiting them as well as the signed and lettered editions with the gigantic (same size as original artwork) print of the attack on Cartamandua's fortress. I have just heard from Geoff that the proofs of this image are looking really stunning.

I hope you all enjoy these books as much as we have in bringing them to you and many thanks to Frans, Paul, David, Theo and Geoff for making it all happen on the day.


  1. From Spain:

    When will be in my hands RON EMBLETON'S WULF THE BRITON? It's been a long, long time...

    Al last!


  2. Soon Andoni - very soon. The team at the Book Palace are sending out the copies throughout next week. Some copies have gone out today and they should be with you very shortly.

    Without going over all the reasons for the hold ups yet again, having missed our original publication date, we got entangled with a lot of holiday season delays and then to make matters worse we got hit by the Chinese New Year, which further delayed the publication date by another two weeks.

    But the book itself is absolutely spectacular and by far the most exciting book project I have ever had the privilege of being involved with. Everyone who has seen the book is really excited and we're now just as anxious as all you people who have been waiting so patiently, to get this book out and into the hands of comic connoisseurs such as yourself.

  3. By Toutatis and Crom!!!

    (Yes I know that's not entirely appropriate, but for some reason I couldn't find any characteristic oath for Wulf himself beyond the occasional "By The Gods!". Presumably the spirit of ecumenicalism was already alive and well in Ancient Britain).

  4. Yesterday I have receive my copy of RON EMBLETON'S WULF THE BRITON. It's amazing! Extraordinary beautiful! Big size. Wonderful job with the restauration of the Technicolor. The best comic book of the year.
    Can you tell me the dates of the last pages, from page 282 to 315, when appear in TV Express Weekly?
    Now I can rest in peace.

  5. Hi Andoni, and many thanks for your warm words.
    For Book Palace Books and myself making this book happen has been a lot of fun and excitement from beginning to end and we all learned a lot in the process. Getting such positive feedback is really wonderful and very encouraging.

    I'll post up all the details regarding the dates of the last few months of Wulf's run in TV Express shortly.