Wednesday 22 December 2010

Work In Progress - The Wonders of Illustrator!

I'm currently juggling creating pages for Cloud 109 with a fairly hefty publishing job. Although it falls into the educational publishing arena, the client and team I'm working with are very encouraging and seem to be up for the illustrators involved to do their own thing as regards styling.

The books concerned are aimed at 15-16 year olds who are slow readers. The idea is to create images that will entice them to engage with the very straightforward texts and having created some trial images, I've actually (I hope/pray) got them on board with Manga stylings with a Goth subtext.

As some of you will be aware I do the bulk of my work in Illustrator working on top of very loosely drawn visuals created in Manga Studio Debut. The beauty of Illustrator is that as a vector based drawing tool it is always alive and receptive to change and manipulation, unlike Photoshop which is a bitmap program is not nearly so manipulable.

One of the many facets of Illustrator is that no matter how large you magnify the artwork on screen, it is still razor sharp no jaggedy bits at all - No Siree!

Here's some samples of work in progress.


  1. These are great images, Peter - powerful, intriguing and dramatic. I am sure they will encourage plenty of readers, and not only reluctant ones!

  2. Many thanks Dave - You've made my day!!! It's nice to be able to show something from time to time which doesn't break our Cloud 109 image embargo, but which isn't a million miles away from Cloud 109 thematically.