Friday 10 December 2010

Look Ma - No Pencil, Pens or Paper!

Just thought as a complete break with reprising other people's lovely artwork I'd show you one of the projects that's been occupying my creative endeavors most recently.

So here's two presentation spreads for a couple of books I'm working on with Pearson at the moment. Having put the last touches to the Wulf the Briton book I'm back working on Cloud 109 and these two projects rather neatly compliment the work I'm doing with Rabby, Cary and Gina.  

I've now got to the stage with my visuals that I create the whole thing on the computer using the wonderful Manga Studio software as my way of creating loose rough visuals. This software emulates the feel of pencil, pen and brush with superb responsiveness and is always a delight to use.

So here is a rough, plus finished artwork in Illustrator.


  1. Wow! Looks great! I myself have been going all digital recently. Haven't tried Manga Studio yet but, I've heard nothing but good things. Have to give it a go when time permits!

  2. I'd definitely recommend it Urban. I've used it on several occasions for those real nightmare - "the agency wants it's yesterday" type briefs and it's just amazing.

    And so inexpensive as well if you just get the "Debut" rather than "Pro" version.

  3. Radiant pics, Peter! Very Cloud 109-ey. This style's evolving beautifully :)

  4. Wow! Thanks Nelson - it's nice to still be busy and to be busy doing enjoyable work.

    Love that picture of Iggy on your blog btw.