Friday 12 November 2010

All In A Week's Work

Definitely, definitely a truism; if as a self employed person you want shed loads of work, book a holiday.

I've been chasing my tail ever since returning from New York and since last Thursday, I've worked on a series of fiddling educational type illustrations of teenagers in a multitude of situations - but please bear in mind our Middle East market - therefore no bare shoulders, no makeup, no this, no that, etc, etc.

Plus a job for a U.S. Healthcare agency, plus two sea themed artworks for toy aquariums. These had to be layered, so that the client could then make stickers out of the elements. A relative breeze in Illustrator, but by this stage I only had four days to create the two complex images.

And then yesterday it was my friend Jon Higham's birthday and it was a biggie, and the very least I could do was an illustrated card much in the manner of the one I created for older brother Charles some two years earlier. As both the Higham's spent time growing up in France and are still passionate devotees of Bande Dessinee, it was done in tongue in cheek French comic book style.

I have to thank Allan Plenderleith and his Soggy Sprouts (aka Elly The Reindeer's nemesis) for the inspiration for much of the contents.

As regular readers of this blog will realize the Soggy Sprouts are not to be underestimated in their fiendish desire to undermine Elly the Reindeer's apps.

P.S. As super observant readers might notice dear wickle Elly has had to change her nose to a less obtrusive brown as opposed to the red nose she once sported. This because Jon was literally in receipt of a "Dear Jon" email from some U.S. attorney in L.A. who wanted to point out that his client was owner of the copyright for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and by implication any reindeer with a red nose was an infringement of his client's copyright.

Hence the rubber band with brown nose.

Wonders as they say will never cease...


  1. Great stuff Peter, it's always nice to see some of your own work on here. I especially like the layout on the first piece.

  2. Lovely stuff, Peter - especially Jon's birthday card!

  3. Just don't go to the trouble of translating it Dave!

    Bearing in mind both yours and James generous compliments I might include a few more bits and bobs from the old illustration archive.

    Including perhaps the samples that got me the Streets of Rage gig.

  4. Peter's card to me was of course utterly brilliant and somewhat flattering, immensely pleased with it and it hangs framed in my studio. Good to see other work too as a reminder that the author of this blog is also an illustrator par excellence