Tuesday 23 November 2010

Finn and Fish!

One of the many fun things about blogging is the people you come to meet even if only cybernetically, but it just proves that blogging is far from being the stereotypical province of sad loners. Many of the people who visit this blog are also bloggers and many of them are also creative artists in their own right.

One of the artists whose work I have got to know via this creative interchange of ideas and opinions is Leeann Hamilton, whose work I have truly adored since I first checked out her Thingummy Thoughts Blog. She's just completed a three year  Degree including both animation and graphics but despite her relative youth has been refining her skills for a good few years now and it certainly shows in her work, the latest commercially available offering having just appeared under the title "Finn and Fish". This mini epic which is available from Leeann herself or select comic retailers is just enchanting and suffused with a manic but beautiful energy which insinuates itself into her linework, which reveals a real mastery of draftsmanship and has echos of Jamie Hewlett, John Kricfalusi (Leeann is a big JK fan I believe) and the late Trina Schart Hyman.

If you want to see more of Leeann's fabulous artistry treat yourself to a copy of her mad oirish comic aka "Finn and Fish" details here and check out her Thingummy Thoughts blog as well as her Deviant Art Gallery.

All in all lovely, lovely stuff!


  1. I love the charm, humour and vitality. Fabulous. This has gone straight on my Christmas wish list!

  2. Leeann's Finn and Fish really is an exquisite piece of work Dave. It's amazing how many visitors to this blog have their own comics in production and in a way, if we can all flag up these gems, it's 100 times more rewarding than a visit to Waterstones and a lot less predictable.

    Love those Mirabalis covers by the way!

    (If readers of these comments are unaware of Mirabilis then check out the list of links to the right and you'll see what I'm on about)

  3. Thanks, Peter. I'm just setting up the files for the UK hardback editions. Apparently we may get to see proof copies before Christmas - woo HOO!

    On the digital front, now that we have a comics reader app nearly ready to go, a lot of indy comics creators can get their work straight to the App Store. The revolution starts here.

    And Roz is getting me Leeann's comic for Christmas. Can't wait!

  4. Thanks Peter for this little write up! :'D Even the guys at Forbidden Planet Dublin want to see a second issue from me soon.

    If only TEFL and this moving to Korea lark was over a bit quicker.. ¬¬'

    #2 IS on the way, I swear! ^^'