Tuesday 2 November 2010

Noo Yoik Noo Yoik!

As visitors to this blog will have noticed there has been a bit of a hiatus while the blogmeister (that is yours truly) has been away on a week's vacation in New York. As a result the old editorial head is still in a bit of a spin and today's blog posting is going to take a consequential lurch in the direction of self indulgence as I post some holiday snaps courtesy of my little brother who also came along (my battery died and it's back up cousin is still awol in NYC).

Observations about New York, is that despite the freak heatwave that arrived with us, it really is a lot more chilled than walking around London. One is not aware of legions of morbidly obese people waddling down the streets - in fact quite the reverse. The whole dynamic of the city is that everybody is out there walking and this activity does in the end keep you pretty fit.

Buttercup yellow taxis are everywhere, but unless it's somewhere bloody obvious then you  need a). to know how to get there so you can direct your cabby and b). to enunciate very carefully your desired destination as some of the taxi drivers are only slightly more recent arrivals than the tourists and their knowledge of English might not be that proficient either.

All adds to the adventure!

It was really wonderful to meet up with our eldest lad and his lovely wife and we did get to see a couple of Soft Skin gigs, the first being at Manhattan's Mercury Lounge and the second at the delightfully scuzzy Don Pedro  bar in Brooklyn. This latter show was truly surreal, as we were joined by another member of the family firm, the lovely Tess who was over on an Amnesty jolly as she described it.

All in all a great way to spend a week - it's all beginning to seem like a long time ago now.


  1. I love New York! A great place to see a band.

  2. Too true Don, there are some really great bars with great bands ... but your home turf (L.A.?) must be pretty good too.