Tuesday 14 September 2010


Winner of an academy award at Cannes for this year's best animated short "Logorama" produced by the French collective H5, Francios Alaux, Herve De Crecy and Ludovic Houplain is just the most incredible piece of animation that I've seen in a long, long while.

The film was kept under wraps for a long time and there were questions as to whether it would ever see the light of day - the reasons for this being fairly obvious. But the  Cannes award has changed all that and now the rest of the world can see this brilliant take on corporate monoliths.

The film runs for sixteen minutes, so get yourself some free time and make a cup of coffee before hitting the play button - oh and watch it full screen too as the resolution is pretty good and you need to be in the action as much as possible.

Logorama from Human Music & Sound Design on Vimeo.


  1. Fabulous! And I love the thought of all those corporate lawyers having to grind their teeth. Can the GTA version be far behind?

  2. Just the coolest and smartest animation I've seen recently Dave - definitely the first really on the money (if you'll pardon the terminology) take on 21st Century Corporatism.

    And it's French

    - of course.

  3. That ending is just brilliant, I've probably watched that ending 20 times.

  4. Even the word epic doesn't do it justice Phobus - I've been sending links to this thing all over the place - just amazing really!