Friday 17 September 2010

Arsy Bands and a Bit of a Deadline Stress

Sorry, having just been stopped by our local constabulary and grilled for half an hour today's blog posting is going to be a little bit minimal as the deadline I am working to is going down the Swanee.

Anyway apropos of arsy bands, i.e. not the sort of chaps who are exactly media friendly but whose work is touched but genius here's a truly toe curling interview with Lee Mavers and John Power, but the performance of "Timeless Melody" is just heartachingly brilliant.

And here's a portion of what's taking up my every waking minute when I'm actually at my studio desk.


  1. Amazing clip - an instant rewind to the music TV presenters of the '80s! It was like teachers trying to be cool. Great song, though.

  2. Theirs is a fascinating story Dave and when I have a moment I'll blog a bit more about them a bit more. But Lee Mavers is to my mind in the same league as Peter Perrett when it comes to putting a good song together and vocally he was just in another league altogether.

  3. I agree, Peter - am amazing voice, with a lovely bit of that musical Mersey twang in it. And I see he's another of Pete Doherty's unconventional "father figures".

  4. Gosh, John Power comes across as being very, very good at this sort of thing, Lee Mavers looks like he needs to kill someone. Little wonder that Cast flourished (in an amiable, un-rootsy sort of way) and the La's vanished. Great clip.