Wednesday 22 September 2010

Arsy Bands - The Interviewer's Nightmare?

I posted a truly uncomfortable interview from 1993 with  the Las a couple of days ago, when the hapless bimbette interviewing Messr's Mavers and Power, proceeded to dig herself deeper and deeper into a hole and then when the going got so uncomfortable even she must have registered that perhaps things were not going to plan then proceeded to throw earth over herself so that her guests could tamp the whole lot down with their heels.

In truth there is a certain fascination watching habitues of the world of rock music play to type, the fascination of watching a train wreck in slow motion. Here's an example of a particularly pissed off Keef being interviewed by a Dutch journalist in 1973. Sensing the bad kharma she tries to ingratiate herself with wholly unsatisfactory results.

But for that classic Golden Moment, here's The Stone Roses' debut on BBC TV when in 1989 and much to presenter Tracey McLeod's discomfiture things went a little off script.


And if you think that was bad then try this:

But there are moments when the interviewer can put in a reasonably good showing, despite the forces of adversity ranged against him.

And the there's Patch William (I love this so much - my Mum would have liked this band - lots!!!)



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