Sunday 6 March 2011

Really Weird 50's Schlock

Many thanks to my good friend Malcolm Norton for sending through this potpourri of Denis McLoughlin imagery. These covers which take in the two color comics as well as the annuals he was creating for T.V. Boardman are like a window into the 1950's. Although McLoughlin's draftsmanship was not in the same league as contemporaries such as Frank Hampson, Frank Bellamy or Ron Embleton his feel for dramatic lighting and the inventiveness of his ideas ensured that his artwork always had added appeal.

 Even when the content was as anachronistically weird as some of this stuff.


  1. These are some great covers. Particularly like The Adventure Album images. Dig that gold robot!

  2. Fantastic stuff especially like the comic annual, oh and the wonderfully named Giff Cheshire. Thanks for sharing these Peter.

  3. Well thank you guys for your feedback and thanks to my pal Malcolm Norton for digging these out.

    They really do capture what a lot of schoolboy's fantasy was focused on in the 1950's.

    And tomorrow we will have more from Malcolm's McLoughlin collection including some bondage and gunplay.