Sunday 20 March 2011

Achtung!!! - More Commandos are Coming!!!

These verdamdt Britischer schwein!!!

More from the HQ of Commando, the UK's last and longest running pocket war library now appearing on a fortnightly basis and in it's 50th year of publication.

Amazing really!!!

Images © DC Thomson 2011

Commando 4375.

Dairy Of A Hero

Introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor.

This story had been one of my favourites as a young reader, read and re-read many times. Then in 1981 — when I joined the staff of Commando for the first time — it was one of the stories I had to check over for re-issue. And re-read again. Now I’ve given myself the chance to read it through once more.
It remains a cracking tale, full of Commando heroes, and with a belting sting in the tail. It’s wonderfully constructed and, with artwork by Cam Kennedy and Penalva, looks absolutely right into the bargain.
I like it as much now as I did in1967.

Diary Of A Hero, originally Commando No 545, re-issued as No 1555.

Grenade Credits:    Story:         David Motton
            Art:        Cam Kennedy
            Cover:        Jordi Penalva

First Published 1967 No 545

Commando 4376.

Space Watch

Introduction by George Low, former Commando Editor.

Ricardo Garijo worked for Starblazer before Commando, and he brought all his sci-fi skills to this 1994 plot where Commando strayed off its usual course, taking to space…and beyond…with its linked G-Tex stories, the brainchild of writer Mike Knowles. The futuristic script (this time by Ian Clark) set the tone for Ricardo to work his magic, while Ian Kennedy took a break from Spitfires and the like to tackle spacecraft.
What’s it about? Saving whales and the world for a start. Quite an undertaking and great to read.

Space Watch, originally Commando No 2774.

Grenade Credits:    Story:         Ian Clark
            Art:        Ricardo Garijo
            Cover:        F.D. Phillips

First Published 1994 No 2774

Commando 4375


This story is taken from the pages of the diary of a true hero. It tells of seven men’s fight to survive behind enemy lines with a traitor in their midst. It brings courage to life, tells of bravery of the highest order. 

Story: David Motton
Art: Cam Kennedy
Cover Art: Jordi Penalva

First Published as No 545 in 1967

Commando 4376


A battle in outer space tests G-Tex Wolf Brady to the limit – especially when a ruthless computer hacker makes his latest challenge even more dangerous!

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Ricardo Garijo
Cover Art: Ian Kennedy

First Published as No 2774 in 1994

Commando No 4377


Not every confrontation between United States Marines and the Imperial Japanese Army took place in the steamy jungles of the South Pacific. The battle for Manila in the Philippines was a house-to-house struggle, pure and simple.
   This didn’t bother Marine Eddie Novak. In the war’s early fighting he’d lost buddies and now he was out for revenge, no matter when — or where — he got the chance.

Story: Ferg Handley
Cover Art: Janek Matysiak

Commando No 4378


As a High Court judge, Mr Justice Jardine had a fierce reputation as a hard man. Hard but fair. His judgements were respected even by those on the receiving end of a verdict.
   When he joined the Army’s legal branch he remained the same hard but fair man. His working environment changed, though. Gone were the wood-panelled courtrooms, replaced by tents or makeshift offices.
   And another thing changed too. He picked up a rifle…to deadly effect.

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Mike White
Cover Art: Mike White

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