Tuesday 8 March 2011

Apropos of Denis McLoughlin and Depth of Field

Dave Morris author of the amazing and utterly enchanting graphic epic aka Mirabilis posed an interesting question regarding Denis McLoughlin's use of depth of field in many of his covers.

So in a moment of rashness and impetuosity and as I'm in researching the Art "Noire" of Denis McLoughlin, I thought I would work up a little tutorial to share with chaps.

All will be revealed shortly ...


  1. Thanks as always for the name-check, Peter. I shall be returning the favor in the very near future as I'm sure that Mirabilis blog readers will be as eager as I am to read your upcoming tutorial. And if proof were needed that McLoughlin's covers merit an in-depth appraisal, just look at that terrific selection there.

  2. Fascinating to see all the cinematic touches in that selection (particularly 'The Deadly Sex'). It makes it all the more appropriate that one should automatically think of photographic terms like 'depth of field' and 'the decisive moment' when trying to describe his art. Like Dave, I'll await your promised tutorial with interest!