Tuesday 29 March 2011

More From Eric R Parker

I'll admit it, I'm under ferocious deadline pressure at the moment so postings are going to be visual with minimum verbiage. I have to produce seven spreads (or is it eight?) for a book to be delivered on Monday.

So leaning heavily on yet more generously supplied scans from Malcolm Norton here are some truly lovely Sexton Blake covers by Eric Parker.

And now for some really exciting news for all of you who have ordered or are about to order the Wulf the Briton book.

The legendary Mr Fixit, creative Svengali and publisher extraordinaire Geoff West, has just phoned me to say that the books will be arriving on Thursday, so horrible deadline notwithstanding I will be up at the Book Palace on Thursday helping to number each copy and get them ready for dispatch to all all our customers.

At last!!!


  1. The Cloud 109 post is one of the constants in my day, and I'm sure for many others too, so I really appreciate you making time for it even with a deadline looming, Peter. And though I do miss the sparkling and educational prose, these Parker pics are great value on their own!

  2. I'll try and make up for it soon Dave. My posts at the moment are a real contrast to the erudite way you are asking visitors to the Mirabilis blog to engage with the concept of what makes a comic.

    Which all makes for a fascinating read over my 6.30 am cup of tea.

  3. Malcolm must have a truly impressive collection of Blakiana for it to include original Parker cover paintings like these - I'm positively green with envy!

    There's something really satisfying about old-fashioned artwork in which the lettering was applied directly onto the canvas by hand: I wonder whether Eric did it himself, or if this was added by somebody else in AP's production department? Either way I bet they never dreamed how much easier the whole process would become with modern software packages. Just imagine how much work it would have taken to correct a simple spelling mistake - whereas today it could be put right with just a couple of extra seconds at the keyboard!