Wednesday 17 February 2010

Cloud 109 - The Eighteenth Instalment

Further homage to that incredible game Dungeon Master, the most successful and innovative game of it's generation when it first appeared on the Atari ST in 1987. The FTL (Faster Than Light Team) were all in their twenties, in fact at least one of them was going through college at the time.
Interesting to note that Nancy Holder wife of the game's producer Wayne, who wrote the script for the manual (which is really useful as you stumble through those dungeons) went on to become a successful writer with several TV shows under her belt including "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and "Smallville".

All of which is only of passing interest to Gina, Cary and Rabby as they have much more pressing issues to deal with...


  1. If I thought that worm-eye monster was scary before (and I did) that big pic of it chasing them *really* does the biz. Also love the little touches: the skull's running commentary, the very effective use of the GUI, the narrow slicing shape of those eye-beams... Well, let's face it, you guys haven't put a foot wrong. It just gets better and better.

  2. You're really too kind Dave - seriously!!!

    It means such a lot to both David and I to get such praise from professionals such as yourself.

    Funnily enough I was over at the Mirabilis Blog and again am somewhat awestruck by Leo's near vertiginous handling of the perspective of that viaduct both in the below view as in the panel in the latest posting and the moment when Jack looks down at Gus in the panel that precedes it.

    I actually felt quite dizzy the first time I saw it.