Monday 13 June 2011

More From Matania

Some truly stupendous paintings by Fortunino Matania from 1914-1916 when photography, access to the front line and communication systems not to mention the ever present censorship which shackles all war reportage (it's still happening today) effectively prevented up to the minute news coverage of such epoch shaking events as the fall of Belgium and it's sea ports in the first few months of what came to be known as The Great War.

Note in the dps of the fall of Liege, that not only are those beastly Huns looting and pillaging the goodly citizens of Belgium but also they are kicking their dogs as well.

Was there no end to Teutonic perfidy???

As can be gleaned from earlier postings on this wonderful artist, Matania was not only a tremendous draftsman but he also had a truly inventive mind and what the camera couldn't access he could conjure up with pencil, watercolor and ink.

Here then are some more examples of his amazing artistry.

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