Wednesday 16 February 2011

Sluggings, Slayings, Murder and Mayhem - The Magic of McLoughlin

Without doubt the pre-eminent UK exponent of seedy, exquisitely lit pulp style artwork. No one else comes close to Denis McLoughlin's inventiveness and ability to create book covers for detective fiction that hits you between the eyes.

All his work was great but his "noire fiction" covers (imo) were by far the best of an already impressive body of work that this wonderful and modest artist created over a sixty year career.

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  1. I love the incidental sidebars Denis used to insert into his fake newspapers. Would I be right in assuming that the photograph on the bottom left of 'Cheer for the Dead' features the artist himself?

  2. Well spotted Phil, although my money is on Denis's kid brother Colin as the mug-shot model.