Friday 21 January 2011

Friday Night Mash Up

As regular visitors to this blog have come to realize, I don't just blog about comics, I blog about trash culture in general and a constant refrain of mine is just how anodyne rock n roll has become. I love listening to new stuff but NOT what I'm told to listen to. I'd rather go off and search out new bands signed to small labels than listen to the safe and predictable stuff that is on the current sounds for 2011 list served up by the Beeb. If only on the basis that if these people sincerely believe that Strictly Come Dancing and Eastenders is the cutting edge of entertaining TV than I'd rather be left to work out for myself how best to fill my downtime.

So here is a film of one of my current faves:

and here is a truly amazing mash up courtesy of Afternoon Ninja who's sussed that a lot of Primal Scream's mesmerizing output is a succession of reworkings of The Rolling Stones 1968 classic; "Sympathy For The Devil". Anoraks will doubtless note the presence of a certain Mr. Mick Jones (of The Clash fame).

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