Wednesday 5 January 2011

Another Band For 2011

Well I'm hoping so, as our youngest is their resident chain wielder and if everybody goes out and buys their records then we can prevent being slowly bled white topping up his non existent bank balance.

So please people don't waste your money on The Vaccines, Jamie Woon or Claire McGuire, or any of the other nice industry friendly rising stars on BBC's Sounds of 2011 list, they're doing OK as is.

Go out and buy Dark Horses vinyl offering on the Beggar's Banquet label titled "Alone". Very apt as their lovely chanteuse Lisa has Swedish blood running through her veins and I do recall that's all that Greta Garbo craved and she too had Swedish forebears.

And then I can afford to buy more comics to review and scan for your ongoing entertainment and illumination even.


  1. Love it - shades of early '80s NY techno, a little bit Suicide. To my ear, anyway. And if buying it supports Cloud 109, so much the better. Any idea when the download version will be out, Peter? (I know, I know - vinyl *is* better, but our turntable lives in the dining room and I like to listen to music while I'm working!)

  2. Hi Dave, I've just checked out their MySpace and you're right you can't as yet download it. Soon they say - soon.

    Hmmmm - hope so. Like you I love vinyl but can no longer play it. But they do have some other real favorites of mine, "Rose" and "Count Me In" as downloads while we're waiting.