Saturday 16 October 2010

Day Of Reckoning - Part 2

Here is another installment from one of the greatest U.K. pocket war comics never reprinted (there are some other gems as well which I might lay on you at some point).

I did ask Ian Kennedy if he used plastic kits much in his aeronautical artwork, but no he didn't, he had made the kits in his younger days but really it was photographic reference from aviation books by William Green and MacDonald that provided much of the grist to bringing this superb script to life.

That and Kennedy's thwarted ambition to be a pilot propelling his imagination into the flak torn skies that helped push stories such as "Day of Reckoning" into the premier league.

Artwork  © IPC Media 2010

For more Kennedy artistry check out "Aces High" edited by Steve Holland.

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  1. Could Mr. Richardson add the page 21 wich is missing to this Day Of Reckoning - Part 2 ?Thanks