Tuesday 12 October 2010

Clash TV

As some of you will doubtless recall I did post a lovely clip of St Ettienne performing "Le Poupait Qui Fait Non, Non, Non" on this blog a short while ago. The performance in question appeared on the Jools Holland Show when the studio in which the acts performed was a lot less bling than what you get on the same show these days. In fact The Jools Holland Show just doesn't look effed up enough any more and every time i check it out it all seems to have got too safe and predictable.

 More opium for the middle classes, I want to see everything looking scuzzy and degraded but all I get is Kate Nash or The Mumfords and some lovely studio lighting.

All of which is a million miles away from this:

Notice that you really don't notice the backdrop much beyond what the band have brought with themselves, all you notice is the band and the performance in all it's art rock passion.

The guy that filmed it was I believe a young German Clash enthusiast and he did it all on one cam, he gets so carried away with the filming that he ends up on stage with the lads until Mr Strummer guides him into the wings by shoving his microphone stand into his chest.

There are still bands this passionate and edgy out there it would be good to see a few more of them get some TV exposure as well as the safer stuff.

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